In common with 1,000’s of others TAP airline offered me only one choice, a voucher to rebook at a future date.

So in an effort to support TAP in times of trouble I agreed to the vouchers.

As borders are now starting to open, I tried over the weekend of 1 and 2 May to book flights using these vouchers to fly on a return ticket to the UK and back to Portugal, try as I might the vouchers would not work, so on Sunday I rang TAP customer service and eventually got through and explained the situation, the TAP persons initial response was, “The voucher is out of date”, when I explained I only received it in October last year they back tracked and said they would try to book for me, “Please hold the line” and cut me off.
I tried again this morning and after waiting for the phone to be answered for over 30 minutes eventually someone answered.

I explained that I wanted to book return flights to the UK and use my vouchers to pay for them, my vouchers are worth €1,000.

I also gave her my number in case we lost the connection so she could call me back.

After over 25 minutes of huffing and puffing about, “My system is really slow”, we got “Cut off” and I have still had no call back.

Clearly TAP have no intention of honouring there own vouchers and I wondered if:

  1. Anyone can help?
  2. Have other readers encountered similar problems?

Dave Beese,
By email