“In late July or early August, the first dose is anticipated. This does not count on the 2.7 million vaccines of Janssen [with age limit] because if we took advantage of them we would anticipate more”, said Gouveia e Melo.

Regarding the capacity of the vaccination centres, the official said that it is estimated at 100,000 people per day, working six hours per day.

Asked about the vaccination of young people under 16 years old, Gouveia e Melo said that this is being considered and that “as soon as there are solutions for this type of population, they will be adopted”.

Linking the difference between population protection and group immunity, the official said that the data are still not solid, but that in Israel (the country most advanced in vaccinating its population) the data indicate that, in addition to protecting vaccinees, the vaccine also acts as a barrier in the transmission of the virus.

“We, the older ones, have an obligation to protect the younger ones by getting vaccinated. It is intergenerational solidarity”, he stressed.

The task force coordinator also explained, when asked about the matter, that the authorities have been experiencing difficulties in identifying some immigrants for the vaccination process.

He stressed that, as long as the person is identified, “they have every right to be vaccinated”, because “the pandemic does not choose nationalities, races or ages”.