We know that Portinsurance is a specialist in Health Insurance. How many years have you been working as specialists in this area?
José Dantas: We have been working as specialists in health insurance since 2002.

What’s the difference between Portinsurance health insurances offers and other insurances companies?

JD: There are several, namely a wider range of solutions. At Portinsurance we have all the offers that the Portuguese market has, as well as exclusive offers with the best price for the consumer. In addition, we also have solutions from Bupa, a British insurance company that stands out for the quality of its services.

In your opinion, what are the main plans that should be taken out for health insurance?

JD: There are two types of health coverage that are very important, namely hospitalisation insurance and outpatient expenses (consultations and complementary health examinations). These are also the two insurances most used by consumers. We must highlight that it’s important to invest in a good capital to cover hospitalisation in order to allow total protection, for example, in case of oncology diseases.

What are the baselines that Portinsurance uses to correctly recommend a Customer regarding the best offer for them?

JD: The first factor is the age of the person to be insured. Depending on their age, we must understand what the Client’s main concerns are. After this conclusion, then, we draw up the best offer for the Client so that they are fully protected without the chance of having any nasty surprises in the future.

From what monthly value can customers have good health protection options?

JD: From € 7.50 per month, through our Gold health plan.

How can clients find out more about the conditions that Portinsurance offers regarding health protection?

JD: They should access to our website at https://portinsurance.pt/theportugalnews/