Mariana Vieira da Silva reiterated that, “after the sanitary fence ended, it no longer made sense for there to be specific rules” by parish, stating that “this week the entire municipality of Odemira is in the same situation”, with the retreat to the phase of 19 April.

“As I said last week, without a sanitary fence, the measure unit being a parish makes little sense, not least because people can move from one parish to another, so at this moment the municipality of Odemira is all in the same situation”, she declared.

The minister also said that a week ago the municipality of Odemira had more than 240 cases of covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants and was, therefore, on alert, a scenario that is repeated this week.

“Odemira currently has 287 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and has already had around 1,000 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, so the situation in the municipality, despite this decline, is significantly better than it was a month ago, what happens is that we are going up and down from the levels that are defined and, at this moment, there is a value higher than 240 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants”, reinforced Mariana Viera da Silva.