The latest research from the Expat Insider 2021 Survey has revealed that Portugal is rated as the best destination for living and working in Europe and is number five on the list globally.

The results, based on responses from 12,000 respondents from across the globe, placed Taiwan at number one, followed by Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Portugal, then New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador and Canada.

Portugal ranked among the top ten in three of the surveys indices: quality of life (3rd), ease of setting (9th) and cost of living (9th). Portugal also ranks third in the Personal Happiness subcategory, with 84 percent of expats happy with their lives in general (versus 75 percent globally).

Additionally, “78 percent of respondents rate the quality of medical care positively (vs. 71 percent globally), and 73 percent are happy with its affordability (vs. 61 percent globally). Portugal also performs very well in the Leisure Options subcategory (4th), with 87 percent of expats happy with the local leisure options (vs. 72 percent globally), and 90 percent satisfied with the climate and weather (vs. 66 percent globally). “I like the weather and the laid-back lifestyle,” says a French expat. And one British expat agrees: “The people are lovely, as is the climate and quality of life.””

Where Portugal did not fare as well was when it came to the Working Abroad Index where the country was ranked 36th.

The survey found that “The destination places 44th in the Career Prospects & Satisfaction subcategory, with more than half the expats (51 percent) unsatisfied with the local career opportunities (vs. 33 percent globally). And while 61 percent of expats worldwide are satisfied with their job security, this is the case for just 52 percent in Portugal”.

However when it came to the cost of living Portugal did well, coming ninth globally in the index with 75 percent satisfied with the cost living in the country while 79 percent said that their disposable household income is enough or more than enough to cover daily costs.

Cheap Algarve

The good value that you can find in Portugal has been further verified by another new survey which ranked the Algarve as being friendly on the pocket for British tourists.

As Portugal opens up for non-essential travel for tourists from the UK, a new survey has deemed the Algarve as one of the cheapest destination in Europe for Brits to visit.

The 2021 Post Office Travel Money Holiday Report for 2021 found that Portugal was tops for Brits looking for good value.

The Holiday Costs Barometer takes into account the prices of eight everyday items with the shopping basket for the Algarve coming to a total of £44.13. The everyday items include a bottle of beer, a cup of coffee, a bottle of water and a glass of wine.

Cheapest on the barometer was Sunny Beach in Bulgaria at £27.71, followed by Marmaris in Turkey at £37.19. At the other end of the scale, in Reykjavik in Iceland, the same items would cost a total of £130.34, while in Nice in France they would cost £94.72.

The cost of essentials in the Algarve has actually recorded a decrease according to the Post Office report, with prices down by 16.5 percent since last year.