Vasco Alves Ribeiro is the chairman of the board that manages part of the coastline of the municipality of Espinho and explained to Lusa that his objective is to contribute to the preservation of the insect that most intervenes in the pollination of the entire planet and whose survival has been reduced by the effects industrialisation, which threatens the food chain and, therefore, also the production of food worldwide.

"We developed with our gardening company a wild meadow plan to implement mainly in the maritime area, next to the beaches, and this envisages, eliminating cane fields and invasive plants such as chorões, while also letting flowers grow wild to attract bees and help their preservation ".

Vasco Alves Ribeiro recognises that bees have a certain reputation as being dangerous, but argues that "the benefits to the general population are much greater than the risks to one or another person who is allergic" to the insect, so he argues that "people must inform themselves well before criticising in order to understand the importance of what is at stake".