Lisbon: It will be feeling slightly cooler on Saturday with temperatures peaking at 26 degrees before warming up again on Sunday to highs of 28 degrees. From Monday, cloud cover is to reduce further and temperatures are to rise up to highs of 30 degrees with nightly lows of 16 degrees with north westerly wind.

The north: Intermittent sunny periods are expected throughout the weekend with highs of 23 degrees and lows of 13 degrees. The weather is remain very similar for the rest of the week with average highs of 23 degrees and average nightly lows of 13 degrees and a slight chance of rain on Thursday.

The centre: The hot weather is continuing in the centre with average highs of 30 degrees and nightly lows of 16 degrees. As the week progresses the cloud cover is to increase and temperatures are to fall slightly to highs of 28 degrees, while there will be a chance of rain each day from Wednesday onwards

The south: This weekend is to be hot and dry with temperatures peaking at 30 degrees and dropping to nightly lows of 18 degrees with south easterly winds. Cloud cover is to increase from Tuesday and temperatures are to drop slightly to highs of 27 degrees while there will be a 20 percent chance of rain on Wednesday.

Madeira: It will be dry and warm this weekend with mainly blue skies and temperatures reaching highs of 23 degrees and lows of 18 degrees. From Tuesday there will be a chance of rain but it will remain mild with intermittent cloud cover and westerly winds.

The Azores: Sunny intervals are expected over the weekend while there will be highs of 20 degrees and lows of 14 degrees. From Monday there will be a chance of rain however temperatures will remain at highs of 20 degrees with north easterly winds.