The review - Triangles of Fire, by Jack Siler

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When ‘Triangles of Fire’ was first published it was a bestseller. It went out of print in 1994. The Authors Guild began a program to put various classics back on the shelves and a revised 2019 edition of the book was one of the first ten honoured.

Set in San Francisco, the book explores the battle between good and bad, the arsonist and arson investigator.

The story follows Stretch Jackson, who has been blackmailed into setting his first fire. As a result he realises it could be a new lucrative profession. But when he falls in love he has to question the decisions he has made. Karen Canfield is a teacher with a sad past, she was sexually abused. She falls in love with Stretch but has to decide whether she can be involved with a criminal.

Tom Farley is the private detective, who is hired by insurance companies to investigate fires. He enlists the services of his friend, Jonah West, Captain of Ladder One. These are the main characters and we follow and explore the effects the decisions they make have on themselves and others.

The author, Jack Siler was an independent investigator for insurance companies and this is clearly seen in the details of this story. He has lived in France and Kenya amongst other countries but currently calls Tavira in the Algarve his home now.
I found the book compelling and enjoyed the story. It’s well written and if you are looking for a smart thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat then this book is for you.

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