These are some of the conclusions, released on 31 May, of a study by the Observatory of Portuguese Society, Catholic University in Lisbon, which sought to understand the impact of the pandemic in the lives of the Portuguese.

In March last year, the Covid-19 pandemic forced most Portuguese to stay at home - but many were able to continue working, swapping the office for a room at home.

One year later, of the thousand respondents between 27 and 30 March, only 41.4 percent continued teleworking, but of those the vast majority preferred to remain in that situation or in a mixed regime.

“80.4 percent of participants show interest or great interest in continuing in the telework regime”, reveal the results, which also point out that 77.9 percent would like to work from home up to four days a week.

On the other hand, those who are still teleworking agree that they have been able to manage their work autonomously, but report a “decrease in the perception of the quality of working conditions”.