The laboratory, a statement said, "will have the capacity to carry out more than 15,000 tests per day and represents an investment of €1.5 million, with the creation of 50 jobs in the lab and in the testing network to be set up on the ground, throughout the Algarve".

The new Molecular Biology laboratory, which has the collaboration of the Municipality of Faro, is "integrated in the 'Summer Safe Portugal' operation" and "will allow expanding the response capacity in quantity and time to Covid-19 tests, namely the PCR tests".

"With the increase in tourism expected for the summer months in the Algarve, and the mandatory testing for entry into Portugal and return to the countries of origin, Unilabs, in partnership with the HPA Health Group, will reinforce the testing capacity in the region, allowing for a quicker response, without the need to transport samples outside the district", reads the note.

The centre is located in Faro. However, “in addition a network of specific locations and routes scheduled in hotel units will be created, expanding the access to these essential services", mentioned Unilabs and the HPA Health Group.

"It is an investment in quality and proximity, which we consider to be essential and an asset to support the resumption of tourism in the Algarve", reads the note.