Book Review - Man with a Van: My Story, by Drew Pritchard

Tarafından Sandra Pereira, in Sanat ve Yaşam Tarzı, Kitaplar · 11-06-2021 01:00:00 · 0 Yorumlar (değiştir | kaynağı değiştir)

Drew Pritchard has many fans all over the world thanks to his TV show, Salvage Hunters. I count myself in this category. So I was happy when he announced the release of his book. If you have watched the show you will know that he is a straight-talking, no nonsense expert who says things as he sees them. This comes across when you read the book.

The show follows his escapades as he travels all over the UK and other parts of Europe on the hunt for the best deals and classic furniture etc. The show also introduced a host of characters like his best friend Tee and his now ex-wife Rebecca.

The book follows his life story. As a teenager, he ran an unofficial scrap yard from his parents’ back garden. Later on he was the first at the markets and fairs to score the best bargains. He currently sells online and has a shop in Conwy, Wales where he was born and raised.

‘When I see something old, that I think is beautiful, special, valuable, it’s not about the money. It’s about being in another time and place.’

The book talks about some of the best and most expensive purchases he has made. A self made millionaire, who lost his fortune, but managed to recover it again makes for an intriguing story. He also writes about his other passion, cars.
I enjoyed reading his tales and we get a glimpse into his life story and what drives him. What is very clear is that he loves hunting for beautiful objects.

Even if you have not watched the show, I still think it’s an interesting book – so I would recommend you get yourself a copy.

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