In a statement, the Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo (CIMAC) said it had signed with the State "a contract for delegation and sharing of powers for the implementation of the Fare Reduction Support Programme (PART) for rail transport.

According to CIMAC, following the contract, it was created, together with CP - Comboios de Portugal, "a specific solution" for users from Central Alentejo, in other words, from the district of Évora, the "Resident Flexipass", which foresees "a 40 percent fare reduction to registered users".

"This tariff will be available from July," stressed the intermunicipal community.

The 40 percent discount is only valid for users in the district of Évora and for trips originating from the stations of Vendas Novas, Casa Branca (Montemor-o-Novo), Évora and Alcáçovas (Viana do Alentejo), he indicated.

To reduce the price, he noted, the destination of the journey will also have to be the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, namely S. João das Craveiras, Pegões, Fernando Pó, Pinhal Novo, Pragal, Sete Rios, Entrecampos, Oriente, Santa Apolónia and Vila Franca de Xira.

To benefit from the discounts, each train user must register, delivering the form provided by CIMAC, with proof of address and a copy of the CP card to the town hall of their area of residence.

After validation of the form by the municipality, CIMAC will issue a declaration (valid until December this year) and send it by mail to the user's address, explained the intermunicipal community.

With this declaration, the user "will be able to go to CP sales points to buy or charge the "Resident Flexipass" with the 40 percent discount.

"If there is any change to the use of the pass, such as change of origin or destination, change of residence, among others, the user should contact the municipality of their area of residence," added the CIMAC.

PART has been applied, since May 2019, to road transport in the Central Alentejo.