In a statement, the PJ said that during the operation “Embargo final”, conducted through the National Anti-Corruption Unit and as part of an investigation led by the Public Prosecutor (Department of Investigation and Prosecution of Loures), resulted in 18 house searches and 32 non-house searches.

According to TVI24, the searches were carried out at the Loures City Hall, in the Lisbon district, led by communist Bernardino Soares.

In the note, the PJ said that “in the ongoing investigation important evidence has already been collected that strongly indicates the existence of monetary compensation for the non-exercise of professional duties” that were assigned to suspects.

The detainees are aged between 44 and 64, 84 police officers took part in the searches.

According to TVI24, in question are suspected bribes to council inspectors and other council officials responsible for the inspection and licensing of civil construction works in the municipality, in exchange for financial compensation.

The TV station also says that the arrests and searches targeted not only officials of the municipality, but also construction businessmen.