According to the Porto Regional Prosecutor’s Office (PGR-P), the case occurred on 25 August 2019 and the victim was reportedly a man suspected of having stolen a car belonging to one of the GNR personnel.

The MP indicted that the victim was taken to the GNR post, by five of the defendants, with the justification that he did not have his citizen card with him.

“It was further indicated that, according to the plan drawn up by all, with the purpose of obtaining information and confession of the authorship of the theft, inside the station, for about 8/9 hours, the nine defendants committed continuous physical assaults and psychologically intimidated the victim without him having the possibility of defence, due to the place where the assaults were carried out, the number of hours for which they lasted and the number of defendants who had contact with him,” says the same note.

In addition to the application of the main penalty regarding the crime, the Public Prosecutor has also requested the conviction of the defendants in the accessory penalty of prohibition of the exercise of military functions of the GNR.