Q: What king of offers does Portinsurance have for Multi-Risk Home insurance?
A: We have different solutions, but, for expats, who have their own homes in Portugal, the best solution we have is an English insurance company (Hiscox) that guarantees coverage against all housing risks.

Q: What makes this solution better than others on the market?
A: This is an all risks insurance policy that also guarantees multiple risk in more than one place in the same Policy; Lower deductible in FS; Conditions apply.

Q: Can you give me more details regarding the benefits for people who take out this insurance?
A: In addition to what I’ve mentioned, we still have the Inclusion of All Risks Worldwide coverage for Golf Equipment up to €2,500.00 (Hole-in-One is already included in the EDH); Inclusion of All Risk Worldwide coverage for Personal Property up to €500.00 and Inclusion of All Risk Worldwide coverage for Jewellery and Watches up to €500.00.

Q: How can our readers apply for an insurance proposal for their home?
A: They just need to send an email to geral@portinsurance.pt

For further information, please visit Portisurance website at: https://portinsurance.pt/theportugalnews/contacto/habitacao.html