Vaccination open to the 20-29 age group “from mid-July”

Tarafından TPN/Lusa, in Haberler, COVİD-19 · 21-06-2021 12:20:00 · 0 Yorumlar (değiştir | kaynağı değiştir)

Vaccinations against covid-19 should be open to the population aged between 20 and 29 years old "from mid-July", said a source of the national ‘task-force’ today.

The availability of vaccines for this age group in July was planned "within the objective of having 70 percent of the population with at least one dose administered in early August", said the same source. Without specifying an exact date, they assumed that it will be “in July, for sure”, anticipating that it will probably start “mid to late” in the month, since he foresees it being “very difficult” for it to happen at the beginning of the month.

Right now, self-scheduling of the covid-19 vaccine is available for people over 40 and, as confirmed to Lusa, will be open to people over 35 on Monday.

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