“Once again, the State Budget has completely forgotten about the firefighters and civil protection, we do not see any type of funding that solves the issues we demand,” Sérgio Carvalho, president of the National Union of Professional Firefighters, told Lusa agency.

The strike on November 11th and 12th was decided in the broad of the National Association of Firefighters and Professionals and the National Union of Professional Firefighters (ANBP/SNBP).

Sérgio Carvalho explained that the proposal for OE2022 “does not respond to any of the demands” of professional firefighters.

Among the demands are salary increases, risk subsidy equal to that of the security forces, to the amount of €100 per month, regulation of the entire fire and civil protection sector and 35 hours of work, according to ANBP/SNBP.

Professional firefighters also demand the right to pre-retirement equivalent to the security forces, immediate integration of the Special Civil Protection Force within the framework of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and the qualification of operators of emergency management centres of the district and national commands operations and relief.

“The entire sector in this budget is forgotten, except for a small transfer of funds to the fire brigades, but that does not say anything to the fire fighters nor does it solve any problem in the sector”, said Sérgio Carvalho.