This is a restaurant that has everything - ice cold Super Bock Beer, competitively priced oysters, my favourite whelks , spiny prawns, goose barnacles, mussels, razor clams, cockles and then lots of different kinds of meat. I particularly like their crispy ribs and their Rib steak is delicious as well. Plenty of pasta too.

No good Portuguese restaurant would be complete without a good house Bacalhau and I love theirs, baked with mozzarella and potato. (What is it about Portuguese Potatoes that are so good ? - no fertilizer probably).

The wine list is long and interesting, as well as being very competitively priced.

Then there is a long list of familiar looking homemade desserts. And the waiters are all delightful!

So as I said this is a restaurant that has everything!

O Nosso Prego, Rua Dr João Baptista Jacquet 120, 2775-315, Parede, +351 21 018 6581