The national director of the PJ said that about a hundred new inspectors have already completed their training and that the institution will be "better able to assume all responsibilities in the fight against corruption”.

“On January 10, we will start the 44th training course for another 100 new inspectors. By the end of 2022 we hope to have 70 more officers to add to these 200, in the 45th course. This is a unique reinforcement in the PJ", stressed Luís Neves.

The PJ's national director also highlighted the strengthening of training in areas relevant to combating corruption and economic-financial crime and explained that "a substantial part of the resources that will henceforth be allocated to the institution" will be directed to combating corruption and cybercrime.

“We are going to accelerate training in banking law, public procurement, money laundering, use of offshores, sports law, tax evasion and use of cryptocurrencies. When we talk about corruption and associated economic-financial crime, we are all victims,” he said.