"There is an intention on the part of the Government to open the company's capital and this intention has already been signalled to the market", said the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos.

Earlier, the minister had been asked if conversations were taking place with potential buyers of TAP, with Pedro Nuno Santos replying that "on the part of the Government, no".

Carlos Guimarães Pinto also asked whether the future buyer of TAP will benefit from a tax rule approved for 2023, which allows the future to deduct "close to 4,000 million euros of past losses", which, according to the deputy, will allow the buyer to pay "a lot bit of IRC over the next 30 years".

"This was a norm that was voted on in parliament, I don't know if IL is against it, I imagine it is in favour, it applies to all companies", replied the minister.

As for labour conflicts at the company, whose crew members recently went on a two-day strike, which led to the cancellation of 360 flights, the Minister of Infrastructure said that "there are already scheduled meetings between the unions and the administration" so that negotiations can continue, remembering, however, that there are emergency agreements signed, within the scope of the restructuring plan, "which have to be fulfilled".

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