According to data from the Observador Cetelem Natal 2022 study, most Portuguese intend to spend up to 100 euros, and only 33% plan to spend between 101 and 250 euros. This year, only 9% of Portuguese people say they want to spend more than 501 euros, a drop of three percentage points compared to 2021.

On average, respondents say they want to spend around 239 euros, 60 euros less compared to 2021.

With regard to the distribution of expenses by category, most of the Portuguese budget will be invested in gifts, namely 126 euros (21 less compared to 2021). This is followed by expenses on groceries (93 euros) and, lastly, decorations. Although the latter remains the category in which the Portuguese least intend to spend, the study's data predict that spending will be seven euros more compared to 2021 (which corresponds to an investment of 19 euros).