"Everything will be prepared so that, if and when necessary, we can adopt the control measures that may be deemed necessary", he assured.

Several countries, including European Union member states such as Spain, Italy, France or Sweden, have announced in recent days the establishment of control measures at airports for travellers from China, to prevent the entry of carriers of the virus that causes Covid-19.

Asked today by journalists at the end of a visit to Hospital Doutor Fernando da Fonseca (Amadora-Sintra) whether Portugal intends to do the same, the Minister of Health said that "it is a measure that is being considered and is being prepared".

“When we announce it, we have to be prepared to adopt it immediately”, he explained.

Manuel Pizarro said that the Ministry of Health is in "close contact" with the other countries of the European Union, with international health organizations, and, in the Portuguese context, working together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Governor highlighted “the very high vaccination coverage rate” against Covid-19 in Portugal, which “gives very significant security and protection”, but admitted that this does not mean that there is no “possibility of a resurgence of the pandemic, namely in view of to the pandemic situation in China”.

The European Union abstained on December 29 from following the decision of several countries to require Covid-19 tests for travellers from China arriving at their airports, but promised to remain vigilant and ready to act together.