“We had a storm, we had a large amount of rainfall in a short period of time, that's what happened. In the city we had 56 occurrences that are all practically resolved", Filipe Araújo, vice-president of the Porto City Council, responsible for the Environment and Climate Transition and also for Innovation and Digital Transition, told journalists.

The mayor ensured that the municipality was prepared for the weather, with its teams on the ground.

"We were prepared with all the teams on the ground. We have many teams from all areas of Civil Protection, Firefighters, cleaning teams, all of them are and were prepared for the weather", he assured.

Filipe Araújo highlighted, however, that the Porto municipality was not prepared for what happened on Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, close to São Bento and Ribeira stations, and where Metro do Porto works are taking place.

“What we weren't prepared for was what happened on Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, which in fact is a phenomenon that the city has never seen before in this space”, he declared at a press conference that took place next to São Bento station.

Lusa verified that the dark grey cobblestones "jumped" from the road over about 10 meters in length, forcing Porto City Council officials to replace these stone blocks.

Questioned by journalists about whether there had been any bursting of pipelines, Filipe Araújo replied: “there was no bursting of pipelines”.

Filipe Araújo declared that “56 occurrences” were registered in the city of Porto, guaranteeing that there was no personal damage, only material damage.

Regarding the damage caused to shopkeepers, the vice-president of the Porto Chamber stated that "they will be evaluated".