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On these pages you will find a selection of reviews from our travel pages. These cover hotels, restaurants, airlines, even cruises and cities. They have all been written by our own editorial team, and we hope you will find them helpful and informative. Click the link provided to download the original pages in Acrobat format (pdf) and to read the reports in full. This section is being updated with new articles & reviews constantly, so be sure to check back from time to time.

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Portuguese hospitality in the air - 28th April 2012

What is it that sets TAP apart from other more powerful international carriers? The clue is in the question, they don’t try to offer ‘international’ service, but provide the best of real Portuguese hospitality from the moment you board until you land. In Executive Class, Portuguese food designed by the best Portuguese chefs, great Portuguese wines, even served on Portuguese china.

TAP Executive Class - Reviewed 12th Feb 2011

There is no doubt that TAP, like nearly every other ‘flag carrier’ has gone through some pretty tough times with the new low cost carriers and open skies policy, but long haul, in this case across the Atlantic, is when you really appreciate the comfort and service of business or executive class, and TAP, as we recently found, have further improved their executive class to what has to be one of the best in the air. It was already good, now it’s even better.

Crossing the ‘pond’ in comfort - Reviewed 6th Feb 2010

It’s not a lot of fun crossing the Atlantic in economy, but the price for the comfort of Business Class with its wide comfortable seats that convert into beds is beyond the reach for many. Or is it? It’s surprising how few people realise that with a bit of advance planning, and using the right Credit Cards that give the opportunity for free upgrades, and sometimes free Business Class seats are easily within reach. This review looks at the advantages of the TAP Victoria card and the associated Millennium Bank VISA & AMEX cards that can earn you plenty of air miles on every purchase

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class - Reviewed 14th March 2009

If you want to see the Branson ‘style’ in its purist form, you need to experience Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class. We have tried various Virgin products and services, but this is where you get to see what Virgin can offer when they pull out all the stops. It’s as good as many First Class flight services, and vastly superior to any other Business Class service we have flown in the last couple of years. To say you are treated like royalty from the moment you arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport is no exaggeration

Holiday Inn Norwich - Reviewed 14th June 2008

Norwich is a city we visit often, but finding a good city centre hotel is not easy. Most are rather ‘tired’ and in need of some modernisation. There is now a new Holiday Inn part of the football ground at Carrow Road, which opened in June last year, and has proved to be a very good discovery. If you take advantage of the excellent advanced booking rates on the Internet, available with a week or mores notice, then you might be expecting something like Holiday Inn Express quality, but this is far superior in every respect.

Dublin with Aer Lingus - Reviewed 30th May 2009

Visiting an island that counts limerick poems, Oscar Wilde, U2 and Guinness amongst its most famous exports was never going to be a quiet, subdued affair, but nothing prepares you for the infectiousness of Ireland’s cheery and somewhat cheeky charm. Before you’ve even had time to unpack your suitcase you’ll probably find yourself in a warm, welcoming pub, pint of Guinness in hand, tapping your foot along to an impromptu outburst of traditional folk music and chatting to the locals like you had known them for years. It’s that kind of place.

Renaissance Paris Vendome - Reviewed 31st May 2008

Luxury in a hotel is very hard to define, and it’s not always what many suppose it to be: gold fittings, overbearing opulence, and wall to wall champagne bearing flunkies. It’s much more to do with subtlety, location, discreet service, and privacy. This "boutique" Paris hotel represents true luxury, along with a first class location in one of the most exclusive parts of Paris.

Cape Town South Africa - Reviewed 9th Feb 2008

Capetonians proudly tell visitors not to be surprised if, whilst in their beloved ´Mother City´, they experience four seasons in one day; thunderstorms in the morning, sizzling heat and blindingly blue skies in the afternoon. And this climatic versatility pretty much sets the pace of Cape Town. Dramatic scenery, a unique history and a heritage as rich and diverse as its native population, in this ever-changing city a surprise awaits around every corner.

Discover the Asturias

There are certain talents that one can hone with practice but cider-pouring Asturian-style proved a tough one. Cider is a way of life in the northern Spanish region, where the fields are green, the people are friendly and everyone enjoys a good fiesta.

In times of low-cost airlines, why choose TAP European Executive Class?

It’s a reasonable question to ask, and frankly, if you want to go to the UK and a low cost airline will fly you there for €25, not many of us will chose to fly Executive Class within Europe, but the low costs are not always that cheap, and TAP Executive Class is often not as expensive as you think. So what do you get and how can you justify the extra outlay? It’s worth noting that TAP Executive Class fares are very flexible and vary in cost according to demand, so it’s worth checking the fare, you might be in for a pleasant surprise, and remember, there are no extras to pay, but an amazing amount of extras included in the
ticket price.

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