Thursday . 24 September . 2020


On these pages you will find a selection of reviews from our travel pages. These cover hotels, restaurants, airlines, even cruises and cities. They have all been written by our own editorial team, and we hope you will find them helpful and informative. Click the link provided to download the original pages in Acrobat format (pdf) and to read the reports in full. This section is being updated with new articles & reviews constantly, so be sure to check back from time to time.


Hotels and restaurants in and around London

A selection of some of our favourite hotels and restaurants in and around London, each one tried and tested by our own editorial team. We are always looking for standards of service and prices that represent excellent value for money, and perhaps places you may not normally find on your own.

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Cruises and cruise ships

Perhaps you are thinking of trying a cruise, or looking for what is available. This is a massive and fast growing market, but we only feature and report on ships and cruises that we have personally experienced. There is now an ever increasing choice of cruises leaving from the Iberian peninsular, and we sometimes have special offers for readers. Be sure to check the actual editorial by downloading the pages.

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The best of Portugal

This is a new section but you will already find a report on Oporto, a wonderful health spa in the North, and the new car ferry service from Portimão to Madeira. Keep an eye on this section for new features being added in the near future.

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Other locations and services

Look here for reports on destinations like Dublin or even South Africa, also for hotels outside London, and some lovely hotels we have found elsewhere in Europe.

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