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On these pages you will find a selection of reviews from our travel pages. These cover hotels, restaurants, airlines, even cruises and cities. They have all been written by our own editorial team, and we hope you will find them helpful and informative. Click the link provided to download the original pages in Acrobat format (pdf) and to read the reports in full. This section is being updated with new articles & reviews constantly, so be sure to check back from time to time.

The best of Portugal

Aquafalls Spa Hotel - Reviewed 15th Nov 2008

There is rest and relaxation and then there is Aquafalls Nature Destination Spa. Officially open since May 21st this year, Aquafalls is an incredible Spa/Hotel set deep in the heart of northern Portugal, literally on the verge of breathtaking scenery, offering the chance to get away from everything mundane as well as to reenergise body and mind by absorbing the essence of nature. And yes, The Portugal News was invited to experience this one first hand too. Envious? You should be…

L’Olive - Renaissance at Vila Sol - Reviewed 3rd Oct 2009

Tucked discreetly away in the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Vila Sol (Quarteira) is the L’Olive restaurant. Its a dining experience to be savoured. Do not expect to visit L’Olive for a quick bite in the evening; allow a good few hours in which to sit back and enjoy the immaculate service. Style-wise, the restaurant is very elegant; dimmed lighting makes the silver cutlery glean and reflects in floor to ceiling glass windows that overlook Vila Sol’s Golf Greens. Please note that the restaurant is now closed until March 2010 but is available during the winter for group bookings

Madeira via Portimão - Reviewed 2nd Aug 2008

Three days, a ferry and a rent-a-car is all it takes to see the best, of what Madeira has to offer; but for anyone who thinks Madeira has little more to offer than bananas and flowers, think again. It is a culture-filled, laid-back destination for travellers of all ages, ideal for families, with lots to see and do and tropical temperatures all year round. Now, thanks to Naveira Armas’ new weekly ferry route from Portimão, Algarve, to Funchal, and one-way tickets starting from as little as 75 Euros, it is a mini-break you can’t afford to miss.

Oporto - Reviewed 8th Nov 2008

Having lived in Portugal for 17 years and seldom gone any further north than Lisbon I was actually quite excited when the opportunity to do some ‘work’ in Oporto arose. Yes, it would entail a pretty long drive and yes, it would be considerably cooler than the Algarve, but you can’t live in Portugal and not visit one of its most charismatic cities, can you? Car packed, tank full, directions in hand (passenger’s, not driver’s), off we went to find out if Oporto had more to offer than just Port.