The party justifies the presentation of the legislative initiative by warning of the impacts caused by fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles normally used in events and festivities.

According to PAN/Azores, these articles "exceed the decibel limit established by the World Health Organization as the pain threshold for sound, reaching more than 150 decibels".

"The party presents this initiative seeking to minimise the negative effects caused by the use of pyrotechnic products, in terms of noise and environmental pollution, and also to reduce the risk and prevalence of accidents caused by their emission", underlines the party.

The party also warns that these pyrotechnic articles "are often used at night" and constitute "a source of noise that collides with the right to rest and peace".

They also highlight that they can also provoke "reactions in animals", which generally have "a higher hearing sensitivity than humans".

"The intensity of the sound effect caused by launching rockets and any other form of fireworks has a particularly harmful impact on people who suffer from auditory hypersensitivity, such as the elderly and children with Sensory Processing Disorder and autism spectrum disorders ", reads the same note.

PAN/Azores deputy Pedro Neves, warns that "recently, in an ethnographic parade" on the island of São Miguel, "three people were injured when an ox, used in the celebration of these festivities, was startled by the release of pyrotechnic materials".

“As alternatives already exist, the use of pyrotechnic products that produce unnecessary noise is not justified. We have to start the transition to silent or reduced sound environments to ensure greater well-being and safety for all", he argues.