In a weekly bulletin on storage in reservoirs, with water availability accounted for on December 26, the APA indicates that, of the 70 reservoirs monitored (out of a total of 80) on the mainland, 38 have a storage volume between 81 and 100%.

There are 13 reservoirs between 61 and 80% of capacity, five are at half capacity (51 to 60%), another five at a value between 41 and 50%, seven at less than 40% (between 21 and 40%), and two at less than 20% capacity.

In a critical situation are the Campilhas and Monte da Rocha dams, both in the Sado river basin. Bravura, in the Barlavento Algarvio, was also at less than 20% capacity a week ago, but the APA bulletin now has no data on that reservoir.

Of the 14 watersheds monitored, eight had above-average water storage and six below.

Compared with the data of the 19th, on the 26th of December, there was an increase in volume in 13 hydrographic basins and a decrease in one, in the Sado basin. The total volume stored increased by 0.62% from last week.

According to APA data, the Ave basin was the one with the highest storage on Monday (96%), followed by the Douro and Tejo basins, both at 91.9%. The Mira, Alentejo, Sado, and Arade basins were the ones with the least amount of water.

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