"Between February 23, the eve of the start of the armed conflict in Ukraine, and December 28, the price of the basket of essential food goods increased by 18.26% (up 33.51 euros), now costing 217.14 euros", explains the consumer protection organisation.

According to DECO, dairy products represent the "category of foods whose rise was more pronounced, in percentage terms (23.70%)", but "meat is also increasingly expensive".

"Inflation is also felt in the other food categories. In ten months, the price of fish rose 17.88%; that of groceries rose 17.43%; fruit and vegetables recorded an increase of 14.46%; and in frozen foods prices were 17.15% more expensive", explains DECO.

Since February 23, DECO Proteste has been monitoring the prices of a basket of 63 essential food products.

"This analysis has revealed increases almost every week, with some products registering double-digit price increases from one week to the next", underlines the consumer protection organisation.