The majority of professionals (64 percent) would like to receive a higher salary this year, with inflation being the main reason (56 percent), followed by not having received a salary increase for a period of time (20 percent).

Among the desires for this year, recognition and happiness at work also stand out, reveals a recent study by Michael Page. “Professional recognition emerges as a situation that they would like to see valued, with 44 percent of respondents wanting more recognition from their managers and organisations”, says the recruiter as reported by ECO.

Improving the work/life balance also continues to be a priority (52 percent), as well as training, another factor pointed out by professionals, with 28 percent stating that they intend to invest in their professional development this year. At the same time, joy and fun at work emerge as one of the drivers for 2023, as mentioned by 28 percent of people.

Regarding working hours, the study shows that 39 percent of professionals would be willing to work more hours per week, “if working conditions improved”.

Four day week

Questioned about the possibility of a four-day week, 68 percent agree as long as salary conditions are maintained, while 38 percent approve, "but only if the boss adjusts the work processes". On the other hand, 13 percent of professionals consider the proposal unrealistic, “as it would imply too many structural changes”.

In the list of the top five expectations for managers in 2023, good opportunities for career advancement (42 percent), good cohesion between colleagues and flexible working hours (40 percent), good leadership skills of their superiors along with clear and transparent communication (32 percent).

The study “New Year's Resolutions”, prepared by Michael Page, gathered the opinion of 500 respondents.