SPV is the institution that organises and manages the collection of recycling waste, implementing the Integrated System for the Management of Packaging Waste (SIGRE).

According to data from SPV, one of the managing entities of SIGRE, the collection of recycling grew in all materials, with emphasis on the growth of 8% in glass (a total of 218,857 tons) and 18% in aluminium (1,917 tons).

“Portugal is thus getting closer and closer to achieving the new national targets for the recycling of packaging placed on the market, as the global recovery rate reached almost 60% (59.6%). The current target is 55% and in 2025, the country will have to reach 65% and in 2030, 70%”, says the SPV in the statement.

SPV concluded with thanks to the people of Portugal "for having placed more than 460,000 tons of packaging in the green, yellow and blue eco-points in the last year".