"To try to mitigate the effects of this strike on our passengers, TAP is building a contingency plan that allows minimising the inconvenience caused, namely, through the adjustment of the operation, as well as through the flexibility of changing the schedule of trips and refunds of tickets," explained TAP, in a statement sent to newsrooms.

Notícias ao Minuto has already asked the airline's official source about when this plan will be released and when passengers who have scheduled flights will be able to change them, but so far it has not been possible to obtain an answer.

TAP announced, however, that the crew strike, scheduled for the period between 25 and 31 January, will lead to the cancellation of 1,316 flights and will generate a direct impact of 48 million euros.

"With this new stoppage, 1,316 flights will be cancelled and 156,000 passengers will be affected, which represents a total estimated direct cost of 48 million euros (29.3 million in lost revenue and 18.7 million in compensation to passengers)", highlighted the TAP.

The carrier also foresees "losses of an additional 20 million due to the potential impact on sales for other days and the sub-optimisation of other flights".