In an interview with the Lusa, about two months after taking over the coordination of the National Strategy to Combat Poverty (ENCP) 2021-2030, Sandra Araújo understands that the fight against poverty is not only done with direct transfers of money but admitted that a measure like the one implemented by the Spanish Government, in which it eliminated VAT on basic foodstuffs, would have “many advantages”.

“I don't know whether or not the Government will consider taking this measure in Portugal, but I think that there would naturally be immediate benefits for all Portuguese families and not just for those to whom this strategy is aimed more in particular”, she highlights.

“This [VAT reduction] measure would undoubtedly be much more generous and would be transversal to the entire Portuguese society”, she defends.

She also highlighted that the Strategy includes a commitment to increase the national minimum wage, which by 2026 will reach 900 euros, and highlighted that since 2015 it has already risen by around 40%.