“The big news is that we are returning to the model that we had in Tábua de Queijos e Sabores da Beira [...]. Over two days we are going to promote the best that Tábua has, in the field of endogenous products and we are going to, so to speak, reactivate our event”, said the mayor of Tábua, Ricardo Cruz.

The event, with about 120 exhibitors, has more than 70 stalls for the sale of endogenous products, namely cheese, and sausages.

“In this edition, we are going to produce a live cheese and for the first time we are going to have Serra da Estrela cheese made with salt from the municipality of Sal, in Cape Verde”, with whom Tábua is twinned, stressed the mayor.

There will be a space dedicated to gastronomic shows and handicrafts from parishes in the municipality of Tábua, in the district of Coimbra, as well as an area dedicated to arts and crafts, with a potter, broom maker, weaver, in order to “leverage ancient traditions”.

The event is attended by local producers who, in addition to cheese, also sell honey, olive oil, bread, vegetables, and fruit.

In the Pavilhão Multiusos de Tábua there will also be the sale of Dão wine and a Douro wine tasting, on March 5.