The survey also found that 40% of workers had “dragged” themselves to work while sick in the past. Since the turn of the new year, Irish workers are now legally entitled to three days of paid sick leave per annum.

Over 50% of workers surveyed said the change will have a positive impact on their lives.

“We’ve all witnessed colleagues coming to the office when they are under the weather, perhaps we are even guilty of it ourselves,” said Marian Ryan, consumer tax manager at

“Many people simply cannot afford to take unpaid leave and very often, they probably don’t see that they are putting others at risk by not taking the time off. Under the new legislation, you must be certified by a GP as unable to work to qualify for statutory sick pay. You should be certified from the first day of your sick leave. This guardrail will separate the genuine cases from those ‘playing the system’ and taking the days when there is no good reason for doing so."

“The research shows the value people place in a healthy work-life balance. Most people believe there would be significant benefits to a four-day work week in terms of work-life satisfaction and wellbeing."

"Employee stress, burnout, and fatigue are all certainly being given more consideration by employers, and a greater focus is being placed on people having more time to engage in meaningful activities such as hobbies, exercise, and spending time with family. We may be taking the first step into a new age of work in Irish society.”