What we realised early on is that a positive mindset is a powerful thing - having this attitude as a team has allowed us to view the events as an opportunity for ourselves and our owners.

Whenever there was a new development, the top priority was to devise a strategy to ensure we were taking the right course of action. All it took was a calm and collected assessment of the situation, before adapting our strategy accordingly.
Ultimately we wanted to let owners know that their properties were being taken care of, reassuring them and letting them acknowledge that we were taking the right approach. This is the main reason we saw continued enquiries and success, which in turn gave our owners the reassurance they needed.

Communication is imperative

A key part of our strategy was to consistently keep our owners updated. We didn’t wait for them to approach us with questions, instead adopting a regular owner update to shed light on all developments and the proactive steps we were taking in response. While owner updates have always been part of our service, we knew in these uncertain times, our owners deserved peace of mind and to know we had everything under control.

Even if the news was unwelcome travel restriction updates, our whole team kept owners and guests in the loop constantly. No one should be kept in the dark when their rental income or hard earned holiday is at risk.

Once our customer communication strategy was in place, our next step was to devise ways to adapt, be consistent and diversify our offering to customers. We want to share these with all villa owners who want the year ahead to be a fruitful one.

Our ten steps to success

One thing this unprecedented situation allowed us to do is reflect back on our approach of how we handled the situation. Over the course of the next few weeks, our The Portugal News articles will cover all of the steps we took to maintain success.

From last minute and successful marketing campaigns to the development of new in villa initiatives, we have successfully adapted to changing situations. This article series will help you do the same!

This proactive and positive attitude won’t end with the pandemic, nor will our dynamic approach to helping villa owners in the Algarve.

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