Despite having been unanimously approved, the proposal of the municipal majority was criticised by opposition councilors who lamented that the program is not extended to other types of businesses.

Speaking at today's executive meeting, PS councilor Manuel Pizarro said it was "pity" that elections are not held so often and regretted that the City's Economy Support Program - "Light for the night of Porto" presented today is so restrictive, leaving out other sectors also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and which also deserved support.

“I support this measure, it just amazes me that there is only one sector that deserves the support of the chamber”, he said.

In response to the socialist, the mayor of Porto, the independent Rui Moreira, considered that the decision to close the bars and clubs is “ideological” and is an act of prohibition that has not been seen in any European country.

As for support, the mayor stressed that the city has been able to resume its activity and that support is within expectations.

Álvaro Almeida from PSD disagrees and wonders why a year ago, the municipal majority considered, contrary to the PSD's understanding, that this support was not necessary and now, that these establishments are about to open, decided to intervene.

Moreira explained that this decision is due to the fact that, so far, State support has been available.

The CDU also criticized, through the voice of councilor Ilda Figueiredo, the lack of support for other sectors of activity impacted by the pandemic, such as the associative movement, gyms, small businesses or restaurants.

In response to criticism, the councilor responsible for the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Commerce and Management of Community Funds, Ricardo Valente pointed out that the municipal majority has always defended the complementarity of support, and in this case the program approved today intends to help the resumption of activity , and do not support 'lay-off' or closures.

According to the proposal, each night space (bar or disco) can apply for a maximum amount of 50 thousand euros, for a total of 600 thousand euros.

The municipal majority considers that this economic activity, as it has been interrupted, evidences the need for additional support, implemented in the form of a Support Program for the City's Economy – “Light for the night of Porto”, which supports the programming of bars and nightclubs, until December 31, 2021.

In Portugal, since March 2020, 17,810 people have died and 1,047,710 confirmed cases of infection have been recorded, according to data from the General Directorate of Health.