The Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) is promoting the destination "to travellers who appreciate more sustainable tourism, who are less price sensitive and who prefer to visit the region outside the peak season".

"The strategy being followed involves strengthening the promotion of the destination to markets that, according to the characteristics of their tourist profile, are relevant and capable of contributing to the sustainable development of the region. To correspond to this desired profile there are travellers who appreciate more sustainable tourism, with more purchasing power and less sensitivity to the price factor and who, according to their travel motivations, prefer to visit the Algarve outside the high season", indicates the ATA.

Northern European countries, namely Sweden and Denmark, which are attracted to golf and, therefore, tend to visit the region during the winter, as well as Brazil, the United States and Canada, "whose interest around the Algarve has been growing significantly, namely with regard to products such as gastronomy, culture and nature tourism", are, according to ATA, the markets defined as priority for the promotion of the region.