The results of the direct elections for the leadership of Chega were announced by the president of the Congressional Committee of the party, Jorge Valsassina Galveias.

The next National Congress of Chega takes place in Viseu, between 26 and 28 November.

Jorge Valsassina Galveias declared that Chega currently has around 40,000 supporters, although only 20,000 “are able to vote”.

“In the elections for president of the party, nearly 4,000 voted,” he said.

The party elections took place after André Ventura resigned on 1 October from the party's leadership, following the decision of the Constitutional Court, which considered that the statutory changes introduced by Chega at the Évora Congress, in September 2020, were illegal.

During the last direct elections for the presidency of Chega, which took place in March, André Ventura was the only candidate and won with 97.3 percent of the votes.