In the November climatological bulletin, the IPMA specifies that the month of November 2022 was considered "the hottest in Europe and the fifth hottest in mainland Portugal", having been classified as "hot in relation to air temperature and rainy in relation to precipitation".

According to the bulletin, the average air temperature had an average value of 13.30 degrees in November, a value above normal, being the fourth highest value since 2000.

The IPMA explains that average air temperature values higher than those of November have occurred in 20% of the years since 1931.

The minimum air temperature also recorded a higher-than-normal value in November, being the third-highest value since 2000.

The IPMA indicates that the average temperature values were higher than normal throughout the territory and in particular in the interior of Baixo Alentejo and the eastern Algarve.

The bulletin also indicates that November was classified as a "rainy month" and the values of the amount of precipitation greater than those of this month occurred in 30% of the years, since 1931.

According to the IPMA, during the month of November precipitation occurred on most days, which was sometimes "strong and persistent in the North and Center region, especially on the 3rd, 8th and 24th", and, in some places in the North and Centro, the monthly total exceeded 300 millimetres and was about twice the monthly average.

In turn, in the South region, monthly values were generally lower than the average value.

The IPMA also indicates that, in November, the percentage of water in the soil was reached in the regions north of the Tagus, except in some places in the Northeast, Beira Alta, and Estremadura.

There was also an increase in the percentage of water in the soil in Alentejo and Algarve, but some places still have values below 20%.