According to the analysis carried out by Portal da Queixa, the Top 10 public bodies with the most complaints include the Mobility and Transport Institute (IMT) with 4,992 complaints (37% of the total), Social Security with 967 complaints, the National Health Service (SNS) with 912, the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) with 905 and the Tax and Customs Authority (AT), with 783.

This is followed by the Lisbon City Council with 441 complaints, the Institute of Registries and Notary Services (IRN) with 396, the IEFP with 341, the Almada City Council with 271, and the National Pension Center with 267.

Main reasons for complaint

The study also found that, at the IMT, the main reported problem refers to the exchange of foreign licenses, collecting more than 61% of registered complaints (3,035).

As for Social Security, about 50% of the complaints from the Portuguese are related to poor service and lack of response from the body, and 31% report problems with the Family Allowance.

In the SNS, poor service/lack of support for users continues to be one of the problems that generate the most complaints, 49% of the total. Another reason that absorbs 25% of complaints is related to the support provided due to Covid-19.

At SEF, most complaints (63%) point to problems with renewing the residence permit as the reason. Difficulties in answering the phone to schedule visits to SEF account for 35% of complaints.

With regard to TA, problems with the IBAN (due to extraordinary support from the State), generated 47% of complaints directed to finance and the delay with IRS reimbursement represents 32% of complaints.

Addressed to Lisbon City Council, two complaints stood out this year: parking fines (29%) and problems with garbage collection (22%).

At the IRN, there were three main reasons for dissatisfaction reported: problems in obtaining the citizen's card (27%), poor service (24%), and difficulties in renewing the passport (8%). At the IEFP, the delay in approving professional internships was the reason that generated the most complaints: 32%.

From the Municipality of Almada, what the citizens most complained about was garbage collection (22%).