Help Flash, a light that helps signal a vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident, is already on sale in Portugal, through the Galp network. This luminous security device has seen its effectiveness recognised in Spain and is now, legally, an alternative to the traditional signalling triangle.

In Portugal, the Help Flash can be used, safely and legally as a signalling complement to the obligatory triangle.

The Help Flash safety light device uses a powerful LED, visible from a kilometre away and in any direction (360º), which makes it possible to alert other road users of the presence of a potential danger according to NM.

Through a magnetic attachment, the Help Flash can be placed on any metallic surface and activated automatically.

One of the main attributes of the Help Flash luminous device is that the driver does not need to leave the vehicle, in the event of a stop, breakdown or accident, without first alerting other road users of the potentially dangerous situation.