As we say adios to 2022, a number 6 vibe in Numerology, we now welcome in a brand new year 2+0+2+3 = 7, a very different energy from the previous 12 months.

2022 was a year of co-creation (#2x3) creating communities around the globe to support each other (2+2+2=6) to raise the earth's consciousness to the next stage of evolution.

2023 will certainly be a different frequency as the number 7's themes are trust vs mistrust, learning from past experiences, wisdom seeking, healing re children, inner child healing, new innovative healing modalities, science and analysis, intergenerational healing, spiritual awareness, mystism, solitude and connecting with your inner sanctum.

This year is an invitation for us all to search for our own inner truth, recognise that we are, as a world spiritually awakening en-masse, thus creating the new earth that the ancient ones and great mystics (7) prophesied.

#7 asks that we become a true seeker of our Soul contract/purpose and ask what have we learned from past experiences? What patterns of behaviour do we as humankind need to challenge to find our true global purpose?

2023, like 2022 asks us to recognise our part in co-creating within the greater collective. #7, to me, is like a person wearing a cloak, carrying a lantern to light the way. You are the LIGHT. Work with the LIGHT and be the LIGHT in your world. Be a spiritual warrior as you walk the path to self-actualisation and deep inner awareness.

I feel 2023 will bring Science and Spirituality together (7) to formulate new healing modalities. People are seeking alternative/complimentary methods of healing, especially in the past 3 years and with the heightened 7 energy we can expect advanced technology and analysis to take place in 2023.

#7 relates to research, mental processing, mental health, and invention. Make mental health a priority. Meditation will become common practice in the workplace/school/university scenarios.

Children may be under the spotlight this year in terms of past misdemeanours that now must be healed from previous generations. This will also relate to our own inner children who will also benefit from quality time for healing.

An important date will be 7th July 2023 (7+7+7) which is an energy portal for massive global healing and in numerology, is governed by Archangel Raphael, the Angel of healing the past, present and future.

777 is a calling for Grace, a spiritual term that describes assistance and blessings from Spirit. You are on track!

Ask yourself what was going on in your life in 1996, 2005 and 2014, all #7 years. This will give you a possible snapshot of what is to come!

2023 is and will be a chance to be part of and witness a giant leap in consciousness that begins with solitude, deep inner analysis and being a Spiritual Warrior for the LIGHT.

Grainne Tyndall is an International Numerologist for over 26 years based in the southeast of Ireland. She has helped thousands of people to discover their true Soul purpose. For Consultations our community at and for podcasts