The British company analysed the average size of houses in 30 of the most populous cities in the United Kingdom, and then compared this on a global scale, taking into account the cost of buying a house by average size. And in the 23 cities in the world analysed, Lisbon appears as the fifth cheapest city to buy a house. Only ahead of Lisbon are the cities of Athens (Greece), Brussels (Belgium), Ottawa (Canada) and Madrid (Spain) as being cheaper to buy.

According to the study, to buy a medium-sized house in the Portuguese capital (84 m2) you need to spend £4,881.83 per sq.m, about €5,543.55, at the current exchange rate. The cost of buying this house is therefore around £410,073.72 (about €465,719). Lisbon appears in the fifth position of the cheapest cities, but it is also one of the cities with the smallest houses - it occupies the 16th place if we only analyse the average size, according to a report by Idealista.

Canberra, Australia, is the city with the largest houses – the average size is around 214 m2 - followed by Wellington, New Zealand, (202 m2) and Washington, USA (201 m2).

Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong ranks as the most expensive city-state in the world to buy a home. The price per square metre is £25,099.05 per m2, about €28,528.48. The cost of a medium-sized house, 45 m2, comes to £1,129,457.25, about €1,284,198.24.