Giving the time for a concert some light and joy to those who need empathy and attention is obvious to us because we have time because we are young (!) and because we have enough strength to do it.

The spirit of Christmas was fully there with singers properly decorated with subtle Christmas accents, bringing some warmth and laughs.

As Christmas gifts, we couldn’t imagine better ones than singing for them and their dedicated staff. They were tender, emotional, and rewarding moments shared with these old people and shared between us. For us it was only time and dedication, for them it was the little event that may have put some magic in their daily routine. And it’s a lot!

Bella Acapella Barbershop chorus rehearses every Wednesday from 7:30 to 10pm at the Re-Criativa in Olhão. If you think of joining, please come and feel the mood.

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We have a Winter break till the 25th of January of 2023.