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Housing licensing being sped up

The diploma to accelerate housing licensing will be approved by the Government in the Council of Ministers on October 12. In News, Portugal, Property - 03 Oct 2023, 20:02

Portugal public holiday weather forecast

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2023, 19:05

Finland highlights "excellent and very deep" relations with Portugal

In News, Portugal, Europe - 03 Oct 2023, 18:05

Police clamp down on speeding

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2023, 17:05

€6.5 million for supermarket workers wage increase

In News, Portugal, Business - 03 Oct 2023, 16:02

Costa guarantees wage increase for 2024

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2023, 14:02

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03 Oct 2023, 14:02

Where are the cheapest places to rent a home in Portugal (and the most expensive)?

In News, Portugal, Property - 30 Sep 2023, 20:02

54% of Portugal’s electricity is now generated by renewable energy

In Opinion, Sustainability - 30 Sep 2023, 14:02

Proposed limits and fees for access to Algarve caves

In News, Portugal, Algarve - 31 Aug 2023, 10:02


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End of NHR tax relief for non habitual residents in Portugal

In News, Portugal, Property - 03 Oct 2023, 11:32

Sky illuminated by meteor in Portugal

In News, Galactic - 02 Oct 2023, 15:20

New drug law now in force

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2023, 19:05

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02 Oct 2023, 19:05

Police complaints double

Complaints against police actions have almost doubled in the last six years, from 772 in... In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2023, 13:02

Portugal with 4th biggest house price increase

House prices fell 1.7% in the second quarter, in the eurozone, and 1.1% in the European... In News, Portugal, Property, Europe - 03 Oct 2023, 12:02

President heading to Belgium

The President of the Republic will make a state visit to Belgium between October 16th and... In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2023, 11:01

Portugal to UK British Airways flight changes

British Airways will start making flights to Porto from Gatwick Airport.  In News, Portugal, Tourism, United Kingdom - 03 Oct 2023, 10:02

61 arrests for forest fires

The GNR arrested 61 people this year for the crime of forest fire and recorded 2,567... In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2023, 09:05

20 taxi drivers arrested for price speculation

Twenty taxi drivers have been arrested between March and September this year for the crime... In News, Portugal, Crime - 03 Oct 2023, 08:05

Vilamoura Marina expansion for super yachts

Expansion works are to begin at Vilamoura Marina, in order to accommodate another 68 large... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve - 02 Oct 2023, 20:02

Record number of students

Portugal had the highest ever number of students enrolled in higher education in the... In News, Portugal, Education - 02 Oct 2023, 17:05

Speeding down 80% thanks to cameras

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2023, 16:02

Police to continue summer security plans

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2023, 15:02

State ordered to pay €23 million to post office

In News - 02 Oct 2023, 13:22

Oldest dinosaur footprints in Iberia discovered in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2023, 13:02

Minister of Finance highlights "best assessment" of Portuguese debt in 12 years

In News, Portugal, Business - 02 Oct 2023, 12:05

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Car factory resumes production

The Autoeuropa car factory, in Palmela, resumes production this Monday, after a stoppage that began on September 11 due to a lack... In News, Portugal, Business - 02 Oct 2023, 10:21

Proposed minimum wage increase to €900

The Left Bloc will propose in parliament an increase in the National Minimum Wage to 900... In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2023, 08:05

Aljezur fire under control

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2023, 06:05

Emergency rooms at risk of closure

In News, Portugal - 01 Oct 2023, 18:05

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Essential things for a holiday

It starts before you even leave the house! In Lifestyle, Travel, Curiosity - 01 Oct 2023, 19:01

Spreading Forró across the globe

Forró is a popular genre of music and dance from Northeastern Brazil, which is based on a... In Music, Lifestyle

How hard is it to fill in a form?

Everyone’s done a few in the past In Opinion, Lifestyle


Netball Portugal: Developing the Game in Portugal

Netball Portugal is dedicated to nurturing netball's growth in Portugal among youths and adults alike. In Community, Sport, Lifestyle, Algarve - 03 Oct 2023, 18:01

Fnac completes purchase of MediaMarkt Portugal

Fnac Darty has announced the completion of the purchase of MediaMarkt Portugal, which has... In News, Business, Portugal - 01 Oct 2023, 17:05

Government says the tobacco law “is not prohibitionist”

In News, Portugal - 01 Oct 2023, 15:02

Editor's Choice

End of NHR tax relief for non habitual residents in Portugal

In News, Portugal, Property - 03 Oct 2023, 11:32

Government approves toll price reductions

In News, Portugal - 28 Sep 2023, 15:02


A Nobel season

Autumn in Scandinavia means not only a change to fall colours in treetops but also means Nobel Prize season has arrived... In Europe, World - 02 Oct 2023, 14:19

1000 year old giant

Found on Ahousaht First Nation land, in the province of British Columbia the tree is a... In North America, World - 30 Sep 2023, 16:31

Online gaming tax

In Asia, World - 30 Sep 2023, 10:31

Chance to win €20,000 a month with new Eurodreams lottery

In News, Portugal, Europe - 29 Sep 2023, 18:05


Essential goods continue to rise in price

The price of the basket of essential goods, of 63 food products, has risen again for the... In News, Business, Portugal - 01 Oct 2023, 10:01


Algarve's Best-Kept Secrets: Unveiling Its Serene and Wild Side

by David Moura George, Director Athena Portugal and Commercial real estate specialist. In Invest - 02 Oct 2023, 15:01

Property of the Week: Modern 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom villa in Lagos

Modern 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom villa situated just a 5 minute walk from the gorgeous sandy... In Property, Lifestyle, Algarve, Invest - 30 Sep 2023, 08:01

Madeira: The Pearl of the Atlantic, a Prime Property Investment Destination

In Invest - 28 Aug 2023, 15:01

The Hidden Gem of Foz do Douro: Porto’s Noblest Neighbourhood

In Invest - 28 Aug 2023, 12:15

Portugal Professional Views: A Presidential Veto, now what?

In Invest - 24 Aug 2023, 13:31

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Algarve tourism is hoping that new travel rules for those in England will help to save the tourism industry this summer.

Record breaking tourism results

Tourist accommodation reached the highest monthly values ever in August, with 3.5 million guests and 10.1 million overnight stays,... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 29 Sep 2023, 20:02

26 new winter routes for Portugal

Ryanair reduces winter calendar – including flights to Portugal

Ryanair has reduced its flight schedule for the winter season due to delays in the... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Porto & North - 29 Sep 2023, 14:05


Algarve, Lisbon and Madeira house sales fall by over 25%

The most recent data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) shows: between April and June 2023, 33,624 homes were... In News, Portugal, Property - 29 Sep 2023, 13:02

Meghan and Harry enjoy “secret trip” to Portugal

According to press reports Prince Harry and Megan Markle have spent time on holiday in... In News, Portugal, Property - 29 Sep 2023, 09:25

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