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Parties discuss upcoming measures to support the economy

The Prime Minister returns to parliament this Wednesday for a debate on general policy, at a time when inflation remains high and...
In News, Portugal, Politics, Economy - 21 Mar 2023, 17:32

President calls for inclusion and dialogue on Day against Racial Discrimination

In News, Portugal - 21 Mar 2023, 16:02

Higher education for everyone

University of Algarve launches participatory budget

In News, Algarve, Education - 21 Mar 2023, 15:34

Supporting non-professional cultural initiatives in the Algarve

In News, Algarve - 21 Mar 2023, 14:02

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21 Mar 2023, 14:02

SEF restructuring now penned in for start of April

In News, Portugal, Politics - 13 Mar 2023, 15:02

6,300 residence requests – in 2 hours

In News, Portugal - 13 Mar 2023, 14:29

Train strike continues to cause cancelations

In News, Portugal - 13 Mar 2023, 12:05

Golden Visas applications made after February 16th frozen

In News, Portugal, Property - 13 Mar 2023, 11:03

Online residency available from today

In News, Portugal, World - 13 Mar 2023, 10:02


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What was the most visited monument in the Algarve in 2022?

In News, Tourism, Algarve - 20 Mar 2023, 11:01

"The sky is the limit" for Irish investment in Portugal

In News, Portugal, Ireland - 19 Mar 2023, 20:02

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21 Mar 2023, 08:03

Direct flights between Lisbon and Boston

The US airline Delta Air Lines announced today that it will resume the summer service of...
In News, Tourism, Lisbon, North America - 21 Mar 2023, 13:17

Portugal for families

Portugal's attractiveness to foreign families has been going on for some years now, but...
In News, Portugal, Property - 21 Mar 2023, 13:05

SNS prepares for summer

Health Minister Manuel Pizarro has said that the Ministry is preparing for the summer and...
In News, Portugal, Health - 21 Mar 2023, 12:04

Nuno Borges enters the top 70

Portuguese Nuno Borges entered for the first time in the top-70 of the world tennis...
In News, Sport, Portugal - 21 Mar 2023, 11:02

Benfica Hotel revealed

Benfica's former headquarters at Rua Jardim do Regedor, in Lisbon, will give way to a...
In News, Tourism, Portugal - 21 Mar 2023, 10:04

Only 15% of coaches are women

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sports (SEJD), João Paulo Correia believes that...
In News, Portugal - 21 Mar 2023, 09:01

Risks of poor oral health revealed

Poor oral health is directly related to 23 systemic diseases, including diabetes, obesity...
In News, Health - 20 Mar 2023, 17:02

Controlling environmental pollution

Scientists from the University of Coimbra (UC) have developed an efficient method to...
In News, Central - 20 Mar 2023, 16:01

Portugal reaches recommended values of vaccination against flu

In News, Portugal - 20 Mar 2023, 12:02

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Parishes petition to stop mining exploration

The União das Freguesias de Marrazes e Barosa and the Parish Council of Amor, in the municipality of Leiria, launched a petition...
In News, Central - 21 Mar 2023, 08:03

Discover the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

Visiting and discovering the Southwest Alentejo and the Vicentina Coast is what ID Week is...
In News - 20 Mar 2023, 20:03

Reduced fuel emissions “essential to decide the fate” of humanity

In News - 20 Mar 2023, 19:01

Coimbra celebrates 10 years of World Heritage status

In News - 20 Mar 2023, 18:08

Snow weather warning

In News, Portugal - 18 Mar 2023, 11:02

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Do career dreams turn into reality?

Life sometimes doesn’t turn out how you expect.
In Curiosity , Opinion - 20 Mar 2023, 20:01

AlgarveLisbonPorto & NorthAlentejoCentralMadeira & Azores

Let’s Walk!

Join The Algarve Walking group and explore the nature of the Algarve!
In Events, Community, Algarve - 19 Mar 2023, 15:01

Laugh out loud comedy in Little Grimley!

Last Tango in Little Grimley and Lockdown in Little Grimley by the acclaimed UK comedy...
In Community, Lifestyle, Other Events, Algarve - 19 Mar 2023, 09:01

"Revitalize Monchique" project successes

In News, Algarve - 18 Mar 2023, 09:05

Where are the most empty houses in Portugal?

In News, Portugal - 18 Mar 2023, 08:05

Which are the most popular degrees in Portugal?

In Education, Portugal - 17 Mar 2023, 18:01

Why do so many Germans now want to emigrate to Portugal (Part III)?

In Portugal, Europe - 17 Mar 2023, 18:01

Editor's Choice

Golden Visas applications made after February 16th frozen

In News, Portugal, Property - 13 Mar 2023, 11:03

EuropeUnited KingdomNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaAfrica

Countdown to the Olympics

The countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics has begun with President Emmanuel Macron highlighting the event which...
In Europe, World - 18 Mar 2023, 11:31

Princess call-up

Princess Leonor of Spain will be starting three years of military training from September...
In Europe, World - 18 Mar 2023, 10:31

Howzat India!

In Asia, Europe - 18 Mar 2023, 09:31

Kangaroo rescue

In World - 18 Mar 2023, 08:31

Smell the roses

In Europe, World - 17 Mar 2023, 19:31

Fighting crime with drones

In Europe, World - 17 Mar 2023, 18:31

Topless bathing

In Europe, World - 17 Mar 2023, 15:31

EconomyCompany NewsFinanceConsumer RightsCrypto

Bad day for Lisbon stock market

In the aftermath of the failure of an American bank and the new rise in interest rates by the ECB, European stock markets reversed...
In News, Business - 17 Mar 2023, 15:08

Real Estate Q1 Update - Luxury Property in the Golden Triangle

While experts predict a slight slowdown to the boom felt post-pandemic in 2021-22, this...
In Property, Business - 17 Mar 2023, 13:01

TAP leadership void

In News, Business - 17 Mar 2023, 10:56

Lisbon, Paris, Rome and Barcelona coming together to protect historic stores

In News, Portugal, Business - 16 Mar 2023, 15:02


How Ericeira and Setúbal became the next top regions to invest in Portugal

by Sara Outeiro, Business Development Manager at EQTY Capital
In Invest - 09 Mar 2023, 09:01

Investing in a fund in Portugal: Everything you need to know before making a decision

Investing in funds  – alongside with real estate investment – is one of the most...
In Invest - 02 Mar 2023, 12:31

Portugal Waves Goodbye to Golden Visa Program Amid Housing Crisis

In Invest - 24 Feb 2023, 08:31

The Golden Window Closes

In Invest - 20 Feb 2023, 15:01

A former navy hospital turned hip hotel with branded residences in Lisbon’s historic Alfama

In Invest - 13 Feb 2023, 12:31

Portugal Professional Views on Golden Visa Online Renewals

In Invest - 09 Feb 2023, 13:31

Like recent previous years, 2022 was record breaking for the Portuguese Real Estate Market. But what does 2023 have in store in a climate of inflation and rising interest rates?

In Invest - 02 Feb 2023, 09:01

Market trends in Portugal –Is it better to buy or to rent?

In Invest - 01 Feb 2023, 10:25

Is it still prime time for Portuguese real estate?

In Invest - 30 Jan 2023, 12:31

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Blessed Alexandrina

Crippled at the age of fourteen when she jumped out of a window to escape from a rapist, Alexandrina da Costa ( 1904- 1955) spent...
In Curiosity , Lifestyle - 19 Mar 2023, 10:01

The importance of food during Ramadan

Food blogger Anisa Karolia says she understands the meaning of Ramadan much better now...
In Recipes, Food & Drink, Home & Garden - 18 Mar 2023, 17:01

6 great cocktails to say ‘Sláinte’ this St Patrick’s Day

In Recipes, Food & Drink - 17 Mar 2023, 17:01

End of Golden Visas sparks mass exodus of digital nomads and the uber wealthy

In Portugal, Lifestyle - 17 Mar 2023, 14:01

The Portugal News turns green!

In News, Lifestyle - 17 Mar 2023, 08:01

TravelHidden GemsBeach of the week

Why the Algarve is a top choice for tourists in 2023

The influx of summer bookings has definitely begun. Before we know it, summer 2023 will be upon us here in the Algarve. 
In Portugal, Tourism - 17 Mar 2023, 16:01

The amazing Irish locations of The Banshees Of Inisherin

The Banshees Of Inisherin is the most Oscar-nominated Irish film ever, clocking up nine...
In Tourism, Europe - 17 Mar 2023, 12:01


A Serene Escape in Lisbon's Creative Enclave: The Private Gardens of Atelier

In the heart of the creative enclave of Marvila, a former art studio is being transformed into a serene oasis of eight homes....
In Lisbon, Property - 20 Mar 2023, 15:31

Unbeatable Location, Unmatched Value: Wyndham Grand Algarve residences offer the best of both worlds

In the realm of real estate investing, the expression "location, location, location" is...
In Portugal, Property - 17 Mar 2023, 11:01

Property of the Week - Breathtaking 2-bedroom Ocean view apartment close to Praia da Rocha

In Property, Algarve - 12 Mar 2023, 19:01


Roberto Martínez announces first squad as national coach

Spaniard Roberto Martínez announces today the squad list, his first as a Portuguese football coach, for the first two games of...
In News, Sport, Portugal - 17 Mar 2023, 10:00

Sporting ousts Arsenal

Sporting Lisbon eliminates Arsenal on penalties and is in the 'quarters' of the Europa...
In Sport - 17 Mar 2023, 09:31

Harrington to join World Golf Hall of Fame

In Sport - 14 Mar 2023, 13:01

Portuguese tennis star rising through the rankings

In News, Portugal, Sport - 06 Mar 2023, 13:02


8 houses for sale for €1

Home buyers have the chance to buy eight houses for just €1 each as part of an initiative to renovate properties.
In News, Property, Weird, Europe - 14 Feb 2023, 14:02

Woman missing for 44 years found in hotel

A woman who had been missing for nearly 44 years, since 1979, has been found in a hotel in...
In News, Weird, World - 04 Feb 2023, 17:05

Traffic jam caused by flying €50 notes

In News, Weird, Europe - 31 Jan 2023, 10:20

‘Bats growl like death metal singers’

In Weird, Curiosity - 02 Dec 2022, 19:01

World’s oldest cat is same age as new owner at 27

In Weird, United Kingdom - 24 Nov 2022, 18:01


€115,000 offer to remove mask

Businessman Steve Kirsch said he was shocked after the passenger next to him on a flight refused to remove their mask - despite...
In News, COVID-19, World, North America - 16 Mar 2023, 13:02

Netflix still top despite high price

Netflix is the most expensive streaming option but remains the favourite choice in...
In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 12 Mar 2023, 14:02

1.4% GDP increase suggested to face new health crises

In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 26 Feb 2023, 08:08


NASA identifies two potentially habitable planets

The two planets are in the immediate vicinity of the star TOI-700, located about one hundred light-years away from Earth.
In News, Galactic - 17 Mar 2023, 07:32

Volcanic activity on Venus

A new study corroborates the thesis of the presence of volcanic activity on the surface of...
In News, Galactic - 16 Mar 2023, 09:53

Could Astrology influence be considered in our life?

In Galactic, Lifestyle - 14 Mar 2023, 09:01

Portugal Space Ambitions Launching in 2023!

In Curiosity , Galactic - 04 Feb 2023, 12:01

Angels Create Coincidences and Synchronicities

In Curiosity , Galactic - 29 Jan 2023, 09:01

Other News

€1 million funding announced to address unmet literacy needs

Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris...
In Ireland - 21 Mar 2023, 12:31

Weekly Roundup: TMS Network’s ICO Explodes, Coinbase (COIN) Moving Out Of US, Ripple’s (XRP) SEC Fight Continues

The crypto market is buzzing with news every week. For this week, the movers and shakers...
In Crypto - 21 Mar 2023, 08:01

Former US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi receives Honorary Doctorate from Ulster University

Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, received an Honorary...
In Ireland - 21 Mar 2023, 08:01

Singer-songwriter Norah Jones coming to Ireland

Singer-songwriter Norah Jones has announced two upcoming gigs in Ireland.
In Ireland - 20 Mar 2023, 19:01

6 Best Cryptos To Buy Under $1 - Undervalued Crypto Gems

The cryptocurrency market continuously changes, making it difficult for newcomers to...
In Crypto - 20 Mar 2023, 17:01

"The sky is the limit" for Irish investment in Portugal

The Irish Minister for Trade and Employment has said that "the sky is the limit" when it...
In Ireland - 20 Mar 2023, 14:31

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) vs Algorand (ALGO); Don't miss out on the forecasted 6000% gains of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

In Crypto - 20 Mar 2023, 10:31

Weekly weather update

In Ireland - 20 Mar 2023, 10:31

EU life expectancy drops

In Ireland - 19 Mar 2023, 19:01

Consumer inflation rate hit 8.5% in February - with milk and butter clocking huge price increases

In Ireland - 19 Mar 2023, 12:01

Dates revealed for release of Census 2022 results

In Ireland - 19 Mar 2023, 08:01

These Cryptocurrencies Can Be Used as A Hedge Against The Market: TMS Network (TMSN), Aptos (APT), and Stacks (STX)

In Crypto - 19 Mar 2023, 08:01