This Christmas if you are travelling by train then remember that there are 24-hour strikes at CP and Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) called for the 23rd and 26th. On these days, only 25% of scheduled trains are expected to circulate.

As there is a strike at IP, which manages the train lines, the impacts will also be felt by Fertagus passengers, who are only guaranteed 25% of the trips scheduled for the 23rd, 25th, and 26th of December. On these days, trains will always have eight carriages (two railcars coupled) to respond to any demand.

Also, Lisbon and Porto subways will close earlier on Christmas Eve: on Saturday, the capital's metro closes at 10 pm; in Porto (and surroundings), the service stops after 8 pm. In Lisbon, the service will resume at eight o'clock on the 25th; an hour later, the metro returns to Porto.

More express buses

German company FlixBus has reinforced its operations with an average of 35 connections per day and per direction between Lisbon and Porto, five more trips than usual. In the rest of the country, the company is aiming for a “10% boost” in operations until January 8, an official company source told ECO.

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