In a statement in which it takes stock of the last 24 hours of Operation Christmas, which started on the 19th, the GNR informs that, between Thursday and 08:00 today, they detained a total of 50 drivers for excessive alcohol consumption, 28 of which had a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 1.2 g/l.

In total, 7,860 drivers were inspected and 1,907 offenses were detected, of which 557 were due to speeding, 137 due to lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 64 due to lack or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems, 49 due to the misuse of the cell phone while driving and 38 due to lack of mandatory civil liability insurance.

As for road accidents, the GNR registered 265 accidents, which resulted in three fatalities, four serious injuries, and 50 minor injuries.

In the statement, the GNR stresses that during Operation Christmas it will continue to give priority to monitoring driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances, excessive speed, and the lack of mandatory periodic inspection of vehicles, as well as "dangerous manoeuvres".

GNR's "Operation Christmas and New Year 2022" runs until January 2.