According to the document from the General Directorate of Administration and Public Employment (DGAEP), between December 2011 and June 2022, there was a decrease in the number of workers in all age groups below 45 years.

"During this period, the average age of Public Administration workers increased by 4.4 years (from 43.6 years old in 2011 to 48.0 years old in 2022)", can be read in the BOEP.

The estimated average age increased in all careers, with the exception of medical and scientific research careers.

The increase in the number of workers at more advanced ages was registered, particularly, in women between 55 and 64 years old.

According to the document, the careers of registries and notary and tax and customs administration had, in June, the highest average ages (56.5 and 54.9 years, respectively), while the careers of the armed forces (34 .5 years), firefighters (40.2 years) and doctors (41.6 years) had the lowest average ages.

Also according to the bulletin, in June, more than half of civil servants held higher education qualifications, while 26.5% had secondary education and 18.3% basic education.