In a statement, the GNR announced the arrest, on Wednesday, of four men and three women, aged between 21 and 65, for drug trafficking, in the municipalities of Alcobaça, Bombarral, Caldas da Rainha, Óbidos and Porto de Mós, all in the district of Leiria, and in the municipality of Rio Maior, in the district of Santarém.

The operation carried out by the GNR resulted from an investigation into drug trafficking, which had been underway for about a year and which, according to the commander of the Territorial Detachment of Caldas da Rainha, Diogo Morgado, “resulted in the arrest of seven peole operating in several municipalities and in the seizure of more than 100 thousand euros in narcotic products”.

In this operation, the police complied with four arrest warrants and 64 search warrants, of which 17 at home and 47 in vehicles, land, establishments and warehouses, says the GNR communiqué, which reads that this is considered the “largest network of drug trafficking in the west zone”.

The operation resulted in the seizure of 18,581 doses of heroin, 4,610 doses of cocaine, two doses of hashish, 20 methadone tablets, cutting products and precision scales.

In the various places where searches were carried out, 17,285 euros in cash and 17 vehicles were also seized, “some of which are luxury, including a Jaguar, a Tesla and a motorhome”, said Diogo Morgado.